Don't Let Even a Little Leak Linger in Lutz & Tampa, FL

Keep our number handy for roof repair service

Even a small hole in your roof can lead to major water damage. Fix the issue while it's still minor by calling the professionals at Hardy Roofing & Construction Services, Inc. for a roof repair service. No matter how big or small the problem is, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to fix it. We'll target the source of the issue, so you won't have to worry about dealing with a recurring problem.

As soon as you notice an issue, contact us to schedule roof repair service in the Lutz & Tampa, FL area.

Keep your eyes peeled for these warning signs

Keep your eyes peeled for these warning signs

Lately, you've noticed that your roof looks worn and shabby. But do you need to repair or replace it?

The experienced team at Hardy Roofing & Construction Services recommends scheduling a reroofing service if:

  • Your roof is sagging
  • The shingles are cracked
  • Your roof is 20+ years old

Still not sure if you need reroofing service? Call now to speak with a trained roofing contractor in Lutz & Tampa, FL.